Dry grown 1947 "Bushvine" Grenache

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High Eden

Our Vineyards

The Kirche Vineyard, Krondorf

Relatively youthful at 40 years old, this vineyard produces some of the highest quality Cabernet grown in the Barossa, along with superb Shiraz. Most of the vineyard sits on loam and red clay, with the edge on the eastern side heading into the seam of black cracking clay (Bay of Biscay). So named because it surrounds the Zum Kripplen Christi Lutheran Church ("Kirche" in German), built in 1864. 30 acres planted.

Winery Block, Krondorf

Gnarled old bush vine Grenache planted in 1942 during the WWII, growing in a strip of Bay of Biscay black cracking clay that runs from Bethany Village through to the end in Krondorf Village. A little patch of Shiraz completes this dry grown block of outstanding quality and provides a historical and beautiful outlook for our Cellar Door visitors. Five acres planted.

Woodland Vineyard, Altona

A superb 25 acre, dry grown vineyard of almost 50 years age, growing Shiraz and Grenache principally, with a small Cabernet plot. These different soil types comprise the earth here, dark loam, shallow red load over limestone and a small patch of gravel soil in which the Cabernet has its roots.

Koch Vineyard, Rowland Flat

The vines on our block were planted in 1927 by Bernhard Adolph Koch, the great grandson of Friedrich Wilhelm Koch. The vineyards were planted by some of the unemployed Afghan cameleers and was the talk of the district for the unerring accuracy of the spacings and precision of the vine rows, still evident today. Split almost equally between bushvine Grenache and Shiraz, growing in friable gradational clay loam. 20 acres planted.

High Eden, Eden Valley

Charlie and Virginia purchased 73 acres of beautifully sloping land in the high Eden Valley in 2008.

The land was planted in 2010 with Shiraz and of course bushvine Grenache. There will also be a small field planting of some of the 13 varieties which make up the traditional Châteauneuf-du-Pape blend.