2014 Pressings


2014 Pressings Shiraz

At last month’s staff tasting, I wanted to look at the 2014 Pressings with the team. They are generally a tolerant and patient lot, forgiving of most of my follies (or at least if not forgiving, respectfully silent!!) and I wanted to benchmark our combined efforts against some know quantities.  So I poured them three wines in a blind tasting.

The 2014 Hill of Grace (Stephen and Prue generously allowing us access to a bottle well before its national release), the 2014 Charles Melton Wines Pressings and the 2014 Penfolds Grange. A great very, very occasional exercise. And a very evocative tasting.  All three wines in their own style and wonderful drinks. The Hill of Grace, perfumed, almost filigree in its detail, yet focused and rich.  Our Pressings, softly sweet, rich fruit, in our cellar style, fine cedar and balance on the palate.
The Grange? Dark firm and dense, with a hint of the high-toned character, so beloved by Max Schubert and so much a part of the integrity of Grange.
All three wines stood proudly.  The main difference? About $700 per bottle.
Try the exercise if you can (or have a Fairy Godmother!)


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